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The Viewsafe™ safety assured maintenance aperture for electrical switchgear has been designed to integrate the most important safety and functionality features required when inspecting and maintaining live electrical switchgear.

The Viewsafe™ Base Unit permits the introduction of various Maintenance Slides, all of which increase efficiency, safety and performance through monitoring and maintaining electrical equipment and switchgear.

The patent-pending slide apparatus of the Viewsafe™ Base Unit allows the introduction of varying Maintenance Slides; each of which offers the user an increase in efficiency, asset performance and productivity whilst ensuring a decrease in unplanned asset downtime and unexpected incurred costs.


  • Safety Assured Maintenance Aperture System
  • Partial Discharge, Infrared, Observational and Emergency CO2 slides available
  • IP 65 Certification - TRaC (Testing Regulatory & Compliance)
  • 20kA and 50kA Internal Arc Testing
  • Lloyds Register Type Approval