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UltraTEV Plus+ 

A serious upgrade of the UltraTEV, UltraTEV Plus+ combines the functionality of its smaller sibling plus the UltraMET and MiniTEV2 all in one handheld instrument.

TEV discharge can be displayed as dBmV in normal, pulse or PDL mode, each having its own advantages such as Traffic light display and History,  Pulse count and severity terms or timed maximum.

Ultrasonic activity is displayed on screen in dBuV and output to the supplied headphones as an audible signal allowing further intrepretation.  Accessories include the Parabolic Concetrator for overhead inspections and the Flexible sensor for extending / hard to reach spots.

Detecting and measuring Partial Discharge activity is the key to understanding the condition of youf MV and HV assets - and achieving greater network reliability and safety.

Multifunctional Partial Discharge Investigative Tool

Menu driven backlit Colour LCD Display

Features user selectable thresholds and display modes for TEV discharge

Continuous or Single shot operation incl Histogram & traffic light 

Ultrasonic activity in dB and audible signals, supplied lightweight headphones can be worn under hard hat

Optional Parabolic Concentrator and external microphone


Normal TEV Mode

Pulse TEV Mode

Ultrasonic Display



TEV measurement

Ultrasonic survey

External sensor

Overhead Inspection


Further Information

TEV Principle of Operation

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