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UltraTEV Alarm 

The innovation continues with the release of UltraTEV Alarm, a cost effective early warning system providing continous monitoring for insulation deterioration within HV switchgear.  Based on the successful UltraTEV handheld, it combines all the functionality into a semi-permanent installed 'node'.  Each node can work as a stand alone unit and will detect both Surface Discharges using ultrasonic sensors and Internal TEV discharges using electro-magnetic sensors.

Of greater value however is the ability to daisy chain multiple nodes (with no practical upper limit) and via connection to a central Alarm box 'Hub' normally located by an entry point, control access to the switchroom by displaying the PD status of the nodes.  The Hub also allows transmission of alarm messages through connection to SCADA or SMS / email when using the optional GPRS add-on.  

When significant PD activity is detected, the sensor node displays a warning light and triggers another on the central hub unit, lights showing both Instantaneous and Historical levels (since last reset) for each of the Ultrasonic and TEV sensors are used to alert local personnel. 

Simple to install

Low cost monitoring of critical assets

Automatically warns when PD activity exceeds thresholds

Increased workforce confidence following an incident

Can automatically restrict access to substations

Extends life of assets scheduled for replacement 


Wall mounted Alarm box 'Hub' at Entry

Large scale deployment of TEV 'Nodes'


Further Information

TEV Principle of Operation

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