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UltraMET Plus 

The UltraMET Plus has been specifically designed to detect and measure Electrical Discharge activity in High Voltage assets.  With this Ultrasonic Detector, the operator can identify Arcing, Corona and surface Partial Discharge activity, then pinpoint and quantify its severity.  Developed from the very acomplished UltraTEV Plus (minus the TEV functionality) for those specifically interested in overhead inspection work, it has a higher gain than the original UltraMET instrument and offers better value than many alternative methods. 

Discharges of this type leads to progressive deterioration and eventual insulation failure.

Highly sensitive & easy to use

Back-lit digital display

Choice of Headphones supplied

Power-on self test ensures reliablility

Internal sensor allows immediate operation

Or customise to your application with different sensor options


The instrument will continuously display the level of any surface activity present.  The digital readout is calibrated in dBuV and includes a user adjustable 'traffic light' indicator and an automatic peak hold function.  Pre-calibrated to 38.4kHz, it features adjustable gain from 60 to 100dB and volume levels of the hetrodyned signal supplied to the headphones.  Battery life and sensor type (Internal, External, Parabolic) are also shown.   



The UltraDish sensor is a highly directional measurement tool that minimises background noises and concentrates on  electrical discharges at distances of more than a few metres. 

The dish is transparent to allow the target object to be seen whilst taking a measurment and includes two methods for sighting, a rifle sight and a high precision laser pointer to enable the detection of surface discharges at short or long distances.  A separate flexible sensor is also available for probing enclosures or extending reach.

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